Skid Loading Services

Skid Loaders are powerful, compact and can easily maneuver in tight spaces to perform a wide range of tasks.

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Commercial And Residential Projects

If you want a piece of lightweight equipment for excavating that doesn’t compromise maneuverability, a skid loader is the equipment for the job. Enjoy the benefits of a skid loader’s efficiency and compactness without the hassle when you work with our team at Travis Trucking LLC.

A skid loader’s lightweight and compact nature makes it perfect for residential projects. If you have backyard projects you want us to do but you’re worried about going around electrical boxes in your yard or squeezing between fence openings, our skid loader can ease these worries.

If you work on a jobsite that needs materials transported or other delicate services performed with large equipment, a skid loader is one of your best options. Contact us to take advantage of our varied skid loader services.

Swimming Pools

If you want to install a swimming pool in your backyard but need to level the ground for an aboveground pool or dig up your yard for an in-ground pool, we can get the job done quickly and efficiently with our equipment.


Another residential project that a skid loader can simplify is landscaping. If you need to plant trees or other plants, our skid loader can transport them to the planting site. A skid loader can also help remove or add mulch or rocks to flowerbeds.

Snow Removal

A skid loader is a great piece to own for your small business. If you need to remove snow from your property’s parking lot to ensure customers can access your building, contact us about our skid loader services. Because this equipment is so easy to maneuver, we can easily work our way around your parking lot to clear the snow.



Skid loaders are known for their exceptional maneuverability, which allows them to operate effectively in tight spaces and navigate around obstacles with ease.



Skid loaders can be equipped with a wide range of attachments, including buckets, forks, augers, and more, making them versatile machines that can perform a variety of tasks.



Skid loaders are typically powered by diesel engines or electric motors and are designed to deliver high levels of torque, allowing them to push or lift heavy loads. 

Skid loader loading a dump truck with concrete rubble